Automatic reminder of appointments by e-mail thanks to Happy

Simple CRM can send appointment reminder e-mails automatically, thanks to Happy, the intelligent assistant present in Simple CRM.

For each appointment for which you have activated the e-mail reminder, an e-mail will be sent 24 hours before the appointment date, early in the morning and a second e-mail will be sent early in the morning, on the day of the appointment.

The e-mail content is generated via a default template. This model is a model of type SALE whose name is: "Reminder of our appointment".

If necessary, you can modify the content or even create another template. To do this, go to: Top menu → Admin CRM → Email templates -> and select the template "Reminder of our appointment".

WARNING however that it is necessary to respect a precise syntax:

DATE} : to insert the date of the appointment
TIME} : to insert the appointment time
RECALL_EMAIL} : to insert your e-mail
RECALL_TEL} : to insert your phone
RECALL_NAME} : to insert your first and last name
TZ} : user and de facto time zone of the appointment

Example of a "home-made" model:

Hello {PRN},

I would like to remind you of our SIMPLE CRM appointment: {DATE} at {T TIME}, {TZ}.

If you are unable to do so, please contact your account manager by email: {RAPPEL_EMAIL}.



To activate the automatic reminder, the interaction must be placed on the MEDIA: "RDV avec rappel par email via Happy".

Important detail: you must specify the coordinates that you wish to insert in your e-mail reminders. The possibility to insert these coordinates is present in your Simple CRM user profile accessible from the top menu → Admin CRM → User list → Click on your username → Bottom of page :

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