How do I find contacts that I have not yet prospected?

Simple CRM allows you to establish a list of contacts that you have not yet prospected.
The principle is to look for contacts that are not related to any interaction type "Sale".

For that:
1) Go to the Big Data Mining module (application launcher -> Big Data Mining tab) and click on the "Clients / Blank Leads" icon.

2) You arrive on the Big Data Mining form.
Tick the box "List of leads that have never been solicited for commercial purposes" and click on "Search".

3) You get the list of contacts not yet prospected.

You can then refine your search, for example on a center of interest.
For that:

1) Click the "Advanced Mode" button.

2) In the form that appears, check the relevant area of interest.

3) Click on the button "Apply filter".
The list of contacts that have not yet been prospected and that belong to the area of interest appears.
You can then export this list in CSV (Excel) format, create a prospecting campaign based on this list, generate a Google Maps of contacts...

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