How do I simply send an email to a list of contacts from a query?

Simple CRM allows you to send an email to a list of contacts from a query.

The principle is to export the list of contacts, extract email addresses, and send an email with the addresses in the CC field of the email (hidden recipients).

For that:

1) Make a query based on one or more interests.
2) Export the query result in CSV format.
3) You get a CSV file. Open it with a text editor (for example with Windows Notepad).
4) In Simple CRM, open the email extractor (left menu -> Email extractor)
5) Paste the contents of the CSV file in the "Raw data" field
6) Click Extract
7) In your email software, create a new message
8) Copy the contents of the extraction result (Mailing field) into the "CCI" field of the new message. Be careful not to use the "CC" field.
9) Enter your own email address in the "A" field (email recipient)
10) Complete the subject and text of your email and send it.

Note: some email services refuse to send more than a few dozen emails per day. If the mailing list has more than 100 recipients, not all emails may be sent. In this case, use the Simple CRM mass-mailing module.

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