How to configure your Wordpress website for synchronization with Simple CRM?

How to configure your Wordpress website for synchronization with Simple CRM?nfigurer votre site web Wordpress pour la synchronisation avec Simple CRM ?

Since version 4.8, Simple CRM allows the automatic sending of forms from your site to your Simple CRM database.

To benefit from this, you must ask the Simple CRM sales department to install this module. You can find the prices for the module here.

If you are using Wordpress, install and configure the Contact Form 7 plugin.
Once installed, configure it as follows.
To learn how to install and configure a Contact Form 7 form, refer to the module's FAQ here:

1) In the “Form” field, create the form fields.
In the example below, we created a form with the following fields: Name, First Name, Email, Phone, Company, Function, Message.

Here is the text of the form in the above example:

<p>Your last name (required)<br />
[text * contact-last name] </p>

<p>Your first name (required)<br />
[text * contact-first name] </p>

<p>Your email (required)<br />
[email * contact-email] </p>

 <p>Your phone number<br />
[text contact-phone number] </p>

 <p>Your company<br />
[text company-name] </p>

<p>Your job title<br />
[text contact-job title] </p>

<p>Your message<br />
[textarea comment] </p>

<p>[ submit “Send”]</p>

2) In the “Email” field, enter:
- the recipients of the email: one for the website manager, one for the Simple CRM user concerned by the form. This email address can be viewed in Simple CRM, Admin module (top menu → Admin → User list)
- the topic of the interaction that will be created in Simple CRM
- the body of the email that will serve to create records in Simple CRM

Here is the text of the email from the above example:

#CENTERS_OF_INTEREST#Contact form website; Prospect#/CENTRES_INTERET#

3) Insert the form on the page of your website
The short tag Wordpress is indicated at the top of the settings page of the Contact Form 7 form.

4) Test the form

  1. Fill out the form and send it.
  2. In Simple CRM, once logged in with the Simple CRM user account, click the “Raise Inbox” button.
  3. You will then get interaction with a related contact (and a related company if needed).

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