How to limit a user's access to certain contacts, companies, interactions and projects, and leave full access to other users?

You want to limit a user's access to certain contacts, companies, interactions and projects that directly concern them. On the other hand, other users must be able to access all contacts, companies,...

Examples of use: prospecting by geographical sectors, trainees, external speakers...
To do this, you must create one project per user with limited rights.
A project user is a user who sees nothing, except what he is allowed to see through projects to which he is invited to work.

Proceed as follows:

1) In the Admin module, change the user type for each user whose rights you want to limit (change them to "Project User").

2) Create one non-public project per user
Name the project, for example: "Southeast Prospecting"
Uncheck the "Public Project" box
Save the project.

3) Link this project to the user concerned
In the project user list, select the relevant user.
Click Save.

4) In the project, link the contacts that are concerned by the user to the limited rights.

5) Last step: Assign a default project to the user following the explanations on this article.

That way:

each "Project User" will only have access to the contacts, companies and interactions that concern him, and only those ones

other related users will have access to relevant contacts, companies and interactions

administrators will have access to all information, no matter what happens.

To know how to manage projects, please refer to the Simple CRM documentation downloadable here:

See pages 46 and following for project management, and pages 70 and following for user type management.

Practical example

Pierre is a sales representative who manages a portfolio of 200 clients in his "Southeast" geographic area, whom he must contact regularly.

Here is the procedure to limit Pierre's access to these 200 clients:

1) In the Admin module, the Simple CRM administrator changes Pierre's user type. From "User", Pierre becomes "Project User".

2) In the Project module, the Simple CRM administrator creates a non-public project called "Southeast Prospecting". He adds Pierre to the users of this project.

3) The Simple CRM administrator selects and adds Pierre's clients to the project, either one by one, or directly from an area of interest, through a prospecting campaign.
You can see the video explanation here:

4) Done. Pierre does not see any clients except those assigned to him through the "Prospection Sud-Est" project.

5) Last step: assign a default project to Pierre following the explanations on this article.

Assignment of customers to another sales representative

Now suppose Pierre leaves the company. It is Paul who takes over Pierre's client portfolio.

Here's how to assign all of Peter's clients to Paul:

1) Open the "Southeast Prospecting" project

2) Remove Peter's access to this folder

3) Add user Paul to this folder

4) It's done! In 4 clicks, you assigned Peter's clients to Paul.

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