In reports, when I specify a range of dates, some interactions do not appear

In Simple CRM reports, you can filter interactions by date range.

When reviewing the report, it may happen that some interactions do not appear, or conversely, some interactions outside the date range appear. Why? Why?

For example, when you start a sales process, you often close the sale several days or even weeks after the first contact with the prospect.

Example :
You contact the prospect for the first time on September 7.
The interaction start date is therefore set to 07/09/2015, with the interaction type "Sales - 1 - Contact".

You close the sale on October 15. On that day, you change the interaction type to "Sale - 6 - Sale won". It is thus the 15/10/2015 that you sold your products or services.

The date that is taken into account is the update date (date present in the Interactions under the buttons of the "Document" space):

Simple CRM therefore only takes this date into account:
if you request the September sales report, this sale does not appear in the report
if you ask for the October sales report, this sale appears in the report because it was in October that the sale was concluded.

Another point to emphasize: if you place a customer invoice in PAID invoice, the payment date will be the update date. However, this date may be wrong. Suppose you check your company's bank account once a week, on Fridays, the actual payment may have (for example) been made on Tuesday. You can then, if necessary, click on the "Update date" to change it and choose the actual date of the cashing.

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