Multi-issue companies: consider working in multi-warehouses and/or multi-products

If you work in multiple sender companies, you may want to view the stock and/or goods movement status by sender company one day.

Moreover, in general, a company owns its own stock, but if it has decided to work jointly with another company in the same Simple CRM / ERP.

There are two solutions: either multi-warehouse or multi-product. It is up to you to choose the solution that suits you best.


This is the simplest solution: create one warehouse per company, since warehouse filtering is possible via PRODUCT


Another possibility is to create several products, i.e. one per issuing company.

Example: the companies "Papeterie de Paris" and "Papeterie de Lyon" share the same Simple CRM because they are part of the same group.

They will, therefore, create in the PRODUCT category "Bic and Pen", the products

Ballpoint pen - Bic /Paris
Ballpoint pen - Bic /Lyon
Ballpoint pen - Parker /Paris
Ball style - Parker /Lyon

So, to see the stock status of Paris products, just go to PRODUCT and enter /Paris in the Product name and apply the filter.

This solution is to be chosen if companies pool their stocks. 

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