RGPD and your newsletter system

RGPD 2018, or European Data Protection Regulation, is mandatory for all companies engaging with European citizens, under penalty of a fine of 4% of annual turnover. RGPD DEFINITION.

In order to respect the RGPD, it is essential that a person who unsubscribes to your newsletter is well marked as unsubscribed in your RGPD CRM.

To facilitate this data maintenance, it is best to opt for the Simple CRM mass mailing module.

Indeed, if a contact calls you and asks you to unsubscribe from your newsletter database and you do not have access to the mass mailing module (because it would for example only be accessible to the marketing team), you have the possibility in Simple CRM, to switch the focus from "Newsletter - registered" to "Newletter - unsubscribed" and directly, Simple CRM will update the mass mailing system:

More information on this add-on module via the page:

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