How to manage and use project templates?

Simple CRM now allows the creation of project templates. This feature allows you to: save time in performing time-consuming and repetitive tasks to formalize your business processes in order to increase the quality of your services. Create a project model To create a project template: open the application launcher click on the "Project Template" icon You are now on the project template list. Click the "Add Project Template" button. A first form allows you to fill in the basic data of the project model: Project name: this is the name that will be assigned to the project once generated Default project manager: choose a user if it is always the same one who will manage the projects resulting from this model. If not, do not choose a user. You will be asked when generating a new project Status: Default status of the project once generated Note: a free comment that will be reproduced in the generated project Fill in the fields and click Save. You will then get to the detail of the project model. The project template is divided into several sections, which correspond to the same sections in a project. First, the project template master data, which you can edit by clicking "Edit Project Template". Then, the companies and contacts that will be linked to each generated project. Note the presence of check boxes "Main project companies" and "Main project contact". The main company and contact of the project will be chosen when the project is generated from the model. This feature allows you to automatically link the client, which changes each time, to the generated project. If you always want to link the same company and contact to each generated project, for example if you build houses, you will take the same architect for each project. Below you will find the list of users of the project template. These users will be reproduced in the generated project. Below you will find the list of project model interactions. These interactions will be processed and linked to the generated project. In the first column, choose the interaction model that will be used (to manage the interaction models, see the FAQ) The next column allows you to assign the contact person and company code main project to generated project (this is the contact and company you will specify when generating the project). You can then choose the user who will be assigned to the interaction. From the list, you can choose either a specific user, the user assigned to the interaction model, or the project manager assigned at the time the project is generated. The last column allows you to choose the interaction date based on the number of days after the project start date you will enter when the project is generated. Once you have set up the interactions, click the Save button. Generation of a project from a model To generate a project from a model, two solutions : from the list of models, click on the button "Generate a project" on the line of the model to use from a project template, click on the "Generate project" button You arrive on the model generation form. In the "Project Manager" field, choose the project manager that will be generated. In the "Main project company" field, select the main company that will be linked to the project. Typically, on a commercial project, it is the client. The same applies to the Main Contact. In the "Project start date" field, enter the project start date. This date is important because it is the baseline date on which project interaction start dates will be calculated. In the "Project end date" field, enter the project end date. This end date has no impact on the interaction dates. Click on the button "Generate a project", you arrive then in the project which has just been created.

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