How to manage references for document merge?

In Simple CRM, you can now merge document templates with data from an interaction, as explained here: Merging Documents

You can assign a reference to each generated document. For example, if you are a training organization, you can automatically assign a unique reference to a trainee's training record.

1) How to create a document reference?
Open the Application Launcher, then click on the "Tools" tab. Then click on the "Document references" icon.

You arrive on the list of document references (the first time, the list is empty).

Click on the button "Add a reference", a form appears.

In the "Reference name" field, enter a short description of the reference, for example "Trainee file reference".

In the "Reference format" field, enter the reference format that will be generated when the document is merged.

You can use the following tags :
{A} represents the year on 4 digits (example: 2017)
{M} represents the month on 2 digits (example : 11)
{4N} represents the 4-digit sequential number. To number on 3 digits, use the {3N} tag
This field can also contain fixed text. Example: "TSG".

For example, if you enter the format :
When generating the document, you will get a reference such that :

In the "Restart" field: this field defines when the sequential number is reset.
You can choose:
Never": the number is never reset
At the beginning of each year": the number is reset every 1 January
At the beginning of each month": the number is reset on the 1st of each month

Once the fields have been filled in, click on the "Save" button.

2) How to use a document reference?
To use a reference in a document:
First assign the reference to the document template (see Merging Documents page).
in the document template file, insert the[onshow.document_reference] tag at the document location where you want to insert the reference.

When merging the document (see Merging Documents page), the reference will be generated and will replace the[onshow.document_reference] tag.

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