How to use document merging?

Simple CRM now offers document merge functionality.

You can now load document templates into Simple CRM, then merge them with data from an interaction, and all elements related to the interaction.

You can for example create a document template of a mail, and, from the interaction, automatically enter the name of the contact, the company, the postal address, the name of the related project...

1) How to create a document template?

The merge is compatible with the following types of documents :
Microsoft Office DOCX, XSLX, PPTX documents
OpenOffice / LibreOffice ODT, ODS, ODP documents

Launch Word (or LibreOffice), and create a new document (or start from an existing document).

Enter the content, and insert the tags that will be replaced, at the time of merging, by the content of Simple CRM.

Example for an address block:


Once the merger is completed, you will obtain for example :

Mrs Dupont Florence
12 rue des M├ęsanges
ZA Wide Angle

All the data of the interaction, those of the related contact, those of the related company, those of the related project are accessible in the document. You can find the complete list of tags here: Document merge tags.

2) How to load the document template in Simple CRM?

Once your document template has been created, open the template management module: Application launcher -> Tools -> Document templates tab

The list of templates appears (the first time, the list is empty).

Click on the "Add a template" button.

A form appears.

In the "Model name" field, enter the explicit description of the model, for example "Trainee training record".

Then click on the "Choose a file" button, and select the document template prepared in step 1.

In the "Reference" field, choose if necessary a reference which will be generated at the same time as the document. To manage document references, see this page: Document references.

In the "Document type" field, select a type to assign to the document if necessary. You can manage the list of document types, see this page: Document type management.

The "Active" checkbox allows you to deactivate the document template later if necessary.

Once the fields have been filled in, click on the "Save" button.

3) How to use the document template?

The document template is used since an interaction.

Create an interaction, fill it in, and click the "Add Document" button (or open an existing interaction).

Make sure that the elements that are called in the document are filled in (for example, link a contact if you use the "contact" tags in the document). Click the "Apply" button.

Then choose the template to merge from the drop-down list.

Finally, click the "Merge Model" button.

You then obtain, in the list of documents of the interaction, the merged document.

To download the merged file, click the file name.
You can then open the merged file.

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