How to use Happy, Simple CRM's intelligent assistant?

Happy is an intelligent assistant, present in your Simple CRM.

There is a free version of Happy and a paid version. The free version is present in Simple CRM since 16/01/2016. This free version answers any questions you may have.

The paid version of Happy will be available from 16/03/2016. This version is the proactive version. Happy will contact you to point out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, ideas and strategies.

From 16/06/2016, Happy will go even further by looking for leads for you!

For more information, please visit the official Happy website:

Attention, the speech recognition system only works correctly on computer: not on mobile or tablet (however some users have told us that Happy works very well with the majority of mobile and Android tablets, but it is impossible for us to list all the models that may or may not be compatible, because it depends on the manufacturers).

Happy speech recognition is in BETA version. Given the many factors that allow speech recognition to work correctly or not (quality of your microphone, level of use of your CPU and RAM, noise interference, pronunciation, etc..), Simple CRM offers no guarantee on the proper operation of this service, which is why it is offered free of charge.

Launch Happy - Free version of Happy 

Happy works only through the free web browser Chrome.

Happy is accessible from the application launcher.

The first time you launch Happy , you will need to allow it to access your microphone. If you do not allow this, Happy will not be able to hear you.

If necessary, click to the right of the address bar from the Happy window and allow access by hand:

Once Happy is launched, it is at your disposal.

Happy won't analyze what you tell him until you tell him: "Happy  THE FOLLOW-UP OF YOUR PHRASE..."

When you launch Happy , to see if it works, simply say "Happy  hello".

A confirmation window will appear in Happy , which you will need to close.

You don't have to stay on the Happy window to have it answer your questions: you can be in any other program and talk to it.

To check that everything is working, simply say "Happy  office". At that moment, Chrome will ask you to authorize the opening of a popup. You must accept:

If your Chrome web browser does not offer this choice of activation, please go to to follow an additional explanation (this problem can happen with some versions of Chrome coupled with some antivirus).

If Happy is not allowed to open windows, she will not be able to show you the result of her work.

Navigation orders - Free version of Happy 

Happy can navigate Simple CRM for you; extremely convenient when working in traffic jams!

To open an entity, you can say for example: "Happy  goes on the desktop" or "Happy  opens projects".

You might as well say: "Happy  opens Facebook" and she will understand.

Be aware that Happy can be disturbed by ambient noise or experience problems if you have a low quality microphone. Therefore, it is advisable if it does not respond properly to simplify your order. For example, instead of saying: "Happy  opens the calendar", simply say: "Happy  calendar".

Basic searches - Free version of Happy 

You can ask Happy : "Happy  searches for Pierre Dujardin" or "Happy  displays my calendar for the week" or more complicated searches such as: "Happy  displays the list of purchase orders in progress".

Advanced searches - Free version of Happy

You can also ask more complex questions such as "Happy displays the list of customers who have never contacted support" or "Happy displays potential customers".

Test what goes through your mind; Happy is resourceful.

And all the other questions you're asking yourself 

During your lunch breaks, you can also have fun trying to catch Happyby asking him for example: "Happy why is the internet the cat kingdom" or "Happy do you believe in God".

Feel free to post your discoveries below, whether they are fun or really practical.

If Happy does not seem to respond well...

It can sometimes happen that she gets tired ;-)

Simply refresh the page where Happy is located.

If the problem persists, please follow the instructions on this page:

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