Auto-entering addresses: when I click on "ENTER" the card closes without storing the address correctly

When you start entering an address in the street field of a company or contact record, Simple CRM
finds this address in Google Map based on the street.

You then have the possibility of clicking with your mouse on this address so that Simple CRM enters
for you the postal code,
the city as well as the country: as much time saved!

If you are used to working only with the keyboard (in order to save time), you probably have no
reflex typed on the "ENTER" key on your keyboard. Result: The card has closed and the address
has not been entered correctly.

The "ENTER" key corresponds to the shortcut that saves the record and therefore the farm.

To confirm the entry of this address, you must use the "TAB" key:

Then, once the "TAB" key has validated the address entry, click on the "ENTER" key to save
and close the record correctly.

As a reminder, the complete list of keyboard shortcuts is available from the administration
space of your Simple CRM:

If you want to disable this function, go to CRM Admin -> 13.Settings -> and uncheck the option:

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