Connect Simple CRM to a local file server or NAS

Simple CRM allows you to integrate documents present in Google Drive / Gsuite, Office 365, Alfresco and Sharepoint. See explanation on:

It is also possible to link in Simple CRM documents on a file server inside your company, a NAS or even a networked hard drive.

The first step will be to ask your IT manager to have all computers in your company connect to this storage space via the same path.

Example: All computers must connect via the Z path:\\NAME_SERVER

If the path name is for example Y on a computer, file sharing will not work. It is therefore essential to standardize your computer equipment at this level.

Then, to connect a folder in this file server to Simple CRM, just go to the Interaction where you want to attach this file, give it a name and copy/paste the path :

Once you click the ADD ONLINE DOCUMENT button, you can assign a type to it:

Then, when you want to access these documents, simply click on their name.
A file will be downloaded by your web browser:
Just click on it and your local file server will appear:

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