How does speech recognition work?

This technology is still very young.

It is therefore delivered to all our customers in BETA version; no need to contact support for spelling mistakes and misinterpretation.

This function will only be accessible under Chrome (except audio playback which works on all browsers).

Only a limited number of customers will have access to the mobile ALPHA version. Indeed, for mobiles, it is necessary to use very precise smartphone models and the integration is still unstable. Therefore, some customers who volunteered will test the mobile version for several months to help us stabilize it.

Voice dictation is present in two places. First, in the left menu; the notepad is transformed into a dicta-note:

Just click on the microphone, talk, then click again to stop recording; magic!

Then you will find this function in the Interactions:

Warning: at the first use, or if you delete the preferences of your browser, once you have clicked on the "microphone" icon, you must click on the "Allow" button that appears at the top of the window :

You also see a speaker on the left. If you click, Simple CRM will read the contents of the Memo field. This reading functionality is also available in the Company Memo and Contact fields.


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