How to customize Simple CRM to my needs?

Here are links to different explanations that will allow you to customize your CRM software to your specific needs.

Centres of Interest
What's that? What's that?
Points of Interest allow you to quickly and easily segment your company and contact base.

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How to manage them? 
See explanations:
How to create points of interest
How to delete points of interest

For more information, see the FAQ section:

Simple Custom custom fields
Simple Custom is custom fields that you can create in the Contact, Company, Interaction and Project forms.

See explanation on

First of all: know the basics of how Interactions work
Before you start adapting the Interactions, it is essential to know how they work. To do so, please read this explanation:

Create Interaction Types

See this FAQ:

See an example of a custom adaptation:

Administer Feedback
See this FAQ:

Create media types

See this FAQ:

Create e-mail templates

See this FAQ:

Create Interaction Models

See this FAQ:

Create Recurring Interactions

See this FAQ:

Create objectives

See this FAQ:

The Projects
Project templates allow you to automatically generate a series of Interactions.

See explanation here:

Simple Links
Simple Links allows the creation of custom links and reports that will be added to the application launcher.

See explanation on

Link Contact - Company
You have the possibility to change the list of the proposed functions:

The documents

You can disable pre-existing types and create new ones: 

The Users

First of all, please respect the security instructions described on this page in order to understand the different possible options, including rights management:

How to limit the types of interaction of certain users:

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