How to find companies that have no related contact?

In order to carry out effective prospecting, it is preferable to contact individuals rather than companies.

Indeed, marketing studies show that a letter addressed to "Jean-Marie Martin, Etablissements Lajoie" is much more likely to be opened than the same letter addressed to the "Purchasing Manager, Etablissements Lajoie".

However, in many companies, prospecting lists often only mention the name of the company to prospect.
You must then identify, in your Simple CRM, these companies without related contact, in order to contact these companies to obtain for example the name of the purchasing manager.

For that:
Open the application launcher.

Click on the "Big Data Mining" tab, then click on the "Soc without Cont" icon.

You immediately get the list of contactless companies.

You can export CSV interactions to Excel or Open/Libre Office, create a prospecting campaign, or add selected companies to an existing project.

You can then refine your search if necessary by clicking on the "Expert Mode" button.

You can then combine the search for contactless companies with other parameters.

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