How to get started with Simple Mass Mailing?

Introductory note

Full documentation is available at:

Step 1: create your template/graphic model
The first step is to create a graphic template, which you will reuse with each newsletter.

We advise you to use one of our models and adapt it to your needs.

The idea is to choose a template that you like and to change some elements like the main image, the title, etc, in order to adapt the template to the image of your company.

These templates are available here:

Step 2: Import contacts
The second step will consist in creating one or several groups of contacts to which you wish to send an email.

To do so, go to:

Or transfer a selection of contacts from Simple CRM:

Step 3: create your first newsletter and program the date and time of sending
To do this go to and click on the green button on the right "CREATE A NEW CAMPAIGN".

Then follow the steps step by step; you will see that it is easy to use.

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