How to manage time spent in Simple CRM?

First of all you must activate the time spent management in the Simple CRM parameters.

To do this, go to the CRM Admin (top menu -> CRM Admin) then click on the tab "12. Parameters". Select the check box "Enable time management, then click Save.

Entry of time spent

You can now capture, in each interaction, the time spent doing the work.

For this, two methods :

1) Using the Start/Stop buttons
As soon as you start working on an interaction (preparation of a quote, completion of the service, time spent on the after-sales service...), click on the Start button.

Once the work is finished, click on the "Stop" button. The working time is time stamped in the Note field of the interaction.

2) Use of time spent fields
To view or change the total time spent on an interaction, click the "pencil" button next to the Start button.
You can then view or modify the total time spent on an interaction.

Once one of these two actions has been performed (Start/Stop or pencil), record the interaction. The total time spent is timestamped in the Note field of the interaction.

Cumulating time spent on a Simple CRM Project

On the Project list (top menu -> Project), you can now see the total time spent on each Project. This is the sum of the time spent on each interaction related to the Project.

This information is also available on the details of a Project.

Calculation of labour costs

To obtain the cost of the work performed, you must first enter the hourly cost of each employee in each user profile.

To do this, modify each user's profile (top menu -> CRM Admin -> Click on the user ID) and enter the hourly cost in the "Hourly cost" field, then click on Save.

The Analytics module (left menu -> Analytics) shows below the interaction budget, the cost of the work done on the interaction (if the time spent on the interaction is greater than 0), in the form of a second negative budget.
This cost is subtracted from the totals of the analytical lists.

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