How to qualify contacts at the end of a sales process?

The best is to create 2 areas of interest:
- Prospect
- Customer

When importing contacts, assign them the "Prospect" focus.
- When launching your marketing campaign, add the "Prospect" focus to your search.

At the end of the sales process, if the result is "Sell - 6 - Win", open the contact's record, remove the "Prospect" focus from the contact's record, and add the "Customer" focus to the contact.

If the result is "Sell - 7 - Lost", open the contact form and remove the "Prospect" focus from the contact form, without affecting the "Customer" focus.

In this way, for the following campaigns you can choose:
- only prospects (to whom you have not yet sold anything)
- only customers (to whom you have already sold)
- customers and prospects (whether you have already sold them or not)

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