How to secure your Simple CRM?

The security of your Simple CRM is essential.

We have set up the encryption of your data, the encryption of your communications and
5 daily backups of your Simple CRM server.

However, you can have a house with a good lock, alarm and safe: if you give copies
of your key to everyone, do not plug in the alarm and place a Post-it on your safe with the combination,
your protective measures will be ineffective.

Here are the security steps and rules to follow.

Simple CRM License Management

If you are not using all your licenses, turn off non-active licenses.
For that go, as administrator in Admin CRM -> User list -> click on the name of the
license not used -> click on OFF which is at the bottom of the file

Similarly, when an employee leaves the company, you can either archive his account
or rename his user name and password in order to pass on his workload to the person
who has been hired to replace him.

User rights management

You can limit what a user can see.

If necessary for you, please read the explanation on this page:

Limiting user functionality

We encourage you to limit your users' rights as much as possible.

To do so, here are the recommended options (do not check the boxes):

Don't forget to click REGISTER.

The extreme limitation

If necessary, be aware that it is possible to have one user read-only.
This type of user can therefore only consult.

See explanation on:

Choose the right password

By default, we offer complex passwords.

You can change it.

However, if you change, choose a complex password.

To generate a complex password, please use this free password
generation service:

Never give your password to anyone

This may seem obvious and yet... even so, don't write your password
on a Post-it hang on your screen ;-)

Never leave your Simple CRM connected if you are not in front of your screen

If it would seem obvious to you not to leave a safe open, with no one to
keep it, it seems less obvious when it comes to Simple CRM. And yet, your Simple
CRM is the safe of your data! So when you go out for coffee or when you go to meetings, log off!

Tip: if you forgot to log out, you can log out remotely. To perform this operation,
simply connect to your Simple CRM with your mobile phone. This will disconnect the
other assignment. Then also log out from your mobile phone.

The human side: human resources

The first flaw in a system is always the human being.

It is imperative that you communicate the above information to your employees.

Similarly, it is imperative to add a clause in your employees' employment contract
to respect your CRM tool, defining that your employees cannot attempt to copy the
data present in the system.

And of course basic security

It is essential to equip your computers with up-to-date antivirus software.

Indeed, a spy software would make it possible to copy your login/pass remotely.

To protect yourself from this threat, do not hesitate to contact the SIMPLE SUPPORT
IT maintenance team:

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