How to select contacts in Simple CRM and transfer them to the Simple Mass Mailing newsletter management tool?

Simple CRM, offers an optional newsletter management tool called Simple Mass Mailing. Price info on: To activate this function please send an email to your account manager on sales[@]

The principle of a newsletter tool is to create groups of people in order to target people sensitive to your product. Example: There is no point in sending a promotion for 5kg of leg of lamb to people who are vegetarians. In this case, you could create an "all food customers" group and a "vegetarian customers" group.

Therefore, when you make a selection via Interests Centres (see explanation on or via Big Data Mining (see explanation on you have the possibility to send this selection in an existing group in Simple Mass Mailing or to create a new group :

To learn how to use the Simple Mass Mailing module, please read:

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