How to send emails with a webmail from Simple CRM?

With the advent of the cloud, more and more companies are using email software via a web browser.
GMail and are the best known examples.

To send emails to your contacts directly from Simple CRM, you need to tell your Google
Chrome browser which webmail you are using.

For that:
install the Google Chrome extension "Mailto:" :
choose which webmail you use by clicking on the box in front of your choice (
if you use Outlook365 or Roundcube, see below)
Then click on your webmail link to test the configuration.
A new webmail message window should appear (or your webmail login page if you are not logged in).

Once this configuration is done, you can send emails directly from Simple CRM,
using your usual webmail.

If you use Outlook365 or Roundcube

You must register Outlook365 or Roundcube as a webmail.

For that:
Click on the Mailto: plugin configuration icon, then on Options.

A window appears. Click on "add another service".

In the first field, type "Outlook365" or "Roundcube" as appropriate, then in the second field, paste the following value :

For Outlook365 :{to}

For Roundcube :
(replace SERVER_ADDRESS_ROUNDCUBE by the real address of your Roundcube server)

Then click on the "add" button.

To test the new email window, click the "Outlook365" or "Roundcube" link.

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