How to use Simple CRM well so that Happy finds leads for you?

Happy, from version 2.0 beta (available on 15/11/2016), finds leads for you. These potential
customers will only be B2B customers present in France and/or Belgium. Important note: this feature
is free.

For those who are not familiar with this possibility, here is a short video :

In order for Happy to find leads, it must be able to analyze data in order to launch searches.

It is therefore ESSENTIAL that when you enter a company code, you specify :

SIRET number if it is a French company
VAT number if it is a Belgian company or a French company that has a VAT number
The address of this company

Secondly, it is essential to properly manage your sales opportunities.

For those who are not familiar with interaction management, it is imperative to read this explanation:

In the case of a sale, the interaction evolves from the first contact to a conclusion that is
either positive (SALE WON) or negative (SALE LOSSED):

It is also ESSENTIAL to respect these steps well and to place, at the conclusion, the interaction
either in WINNED or LOSED, and to define its state in TERMINE:

As your work progresses, Happy will send you lead proposals, which will appear in your daily calendar:

In this interaction, you will find attached documents that are potential lead sheets:

If you click on the card a document will quickly be downloaded on your computer,
document that opens a tracking card. Buttons, present in the file, will allow you to track this
potential lead on the web, in order to check if this lead really interests you:

If this lead seems relevant to you, you can import it into your Simple CRM:

This import will create a company record and a sales interaction that you will find de facto
in your daily calendar:

It should be noted that inside this interaction, you will find the linked form again, which
will allow you to use the tracking tools again if necessary, to find the website of this company,
its phone number, its employees on Linkedin, etc..

Can I disable this feature?
The feature is enabled by default but of course, from the user administration area, you
can disable this feature of HaPPi.

For that:
1) Go to the CRM Admin (top menu -> CRM Admin)
2) Go to tab "1. List of users"
3) Open the relevant user profile
4) Uncheck the box "Receive leads by Happy" and click on the button Save

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