How to use Simple CRM without an Internet connection?

It is possible to use Simple CRM in aircraft, or in areas without 3G coverage.

To do this, you have to work offline, via an offline methodology, explained in this tutorial. This technique works equally well on Windows, Mac, Linux, Tablet PC or mobile phone.

The purpose of this tutorial is to allow you to access your contacts and calendar offline, create Interactions and view reports/listings.

The contacts

First step  you need to have your contacts on your computer (or tablet/mobile).

There are two possibilities:
either you synchronize all Simple CRM contacts with Google Contact, then upload these contacts to Outlook/Thunderbird/Entourage/Mail
either you synchronize only the contacts that interest you with Outlook/Thunderbird/Entourage/Mail via the VCARD import (this technique is probably more interesting because you synchronize only what really interests you)

Explanations related to Google Contact synchronization :
Synchronization for Google Contact APPS >
Synchronization for Google Contact >
Synchronisation Outlook-Google Contact >
Synchronisation Thunderbird-Google Contact >
Synchronisation iPhone / Android - Google Contact >

Your calendar

You can store your Simple CRM calendar offline by adding it as a web/ical/distant calendar in Outlook, Thunderbird, iCal or your mobile phone.

To do so, consult the documentation available on:, item "6.4.8. Synchronizing the calendar with Iphone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Outlook, and Thunderbird mobile phones" on page 43.

Create Interactions in Simple CRM in offline mode

You have a Simple CRM e-mail that allows you to forward e-mails in Simple CRM and then transform them into Interaction(s). See explanation on: 

Your e-mail client (Outlook/Thunderbird/Entourage/Mail) allows you to work offline. The created e-mails are stored and sent as soon as the computer has access to the web again.

All you have to do is send an e-mail to your Simple CRM address, with the Interaction to encode, and then find it in Simple CRM.

If you don't know your Simple CRM email, just go to: Main Menu -> Documents -> (click on the button) Scan a document.

Take some work with you

Simple CRM allows, as you know, to generate many reports.

You may want to generate a report and study it in detail in an aircraft, train, etc.

You can very simply perform this operation. For example, go to Analytics and select :
Display: Pipe by company
Status: In progress
Type : Sale

You will then receive the current sales report.

Then go to the left menu and select the printer.

As the print format, choose the LANDSCAPE format, then select a PDF printer.

You can thus study these figures, in offline mode, via the generated report.

Note: PDF printing is standard on Mac and Linux. For Windows PCs, please install the free software:

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