Recurrent interactions

Recurrent interactions

Recurring interactions allow you to automate the capture of repetitive interactions.

Example: every Monday you must check the state of stock, or every Tuesday and Thursday you must remind customers who have received a quote or every first Tuesday of the month you must bill the customer "Les beaux Sapin" their subscription to your service.

Access recurring interactions

Recurring interactions are accessed either via the application launcher or via the RECURRENCES button in Interaction.

Create a recurring interaction

When you go into the recurrences, you see by default the active recurrences (recurrences in progress and recurrences about to end).

To create a recurrence, click on the button :

In order to illustrate a concrete case, here we will perform a recurrence that will take place once a week and therefore the goal is to follow up with customers who have contacted your support to see if the problem is well resolved.

The system allows recurrences per day:

Per week :

And per month:
For our example, we therefore choose to restart once a week for 1 year.

Once the interaction parameters have been set, click on the "Generate interactions" button. Click "Ok" on the validation message.
You return to the list of recurring interactions. Reopen the recurring interaction you just created. The generated interactions appear below the recurring interaction.

Modify a recurrence

It is possible that at some point you may have to change a recurrence. In our case, let's imagine that we no longer have to remind customers on Wednesdays but on Thursdays.

To do this, go to the list of recurrences and click on the name of the recurrence to modify it:

So we change the day and then launch a regeneration of the interactions:

The system asks you to confirm and you confirm:

Create a recurring invoice

To create a recurring invoice, go to Simple ERP -> Invoice -> click on the button :

The creation process is exactly the same as for making a classic invoice.

So you bind your customer, and add the products.
You can click on the "Preview" button to check the content of the future PDF you will create in due course.

Once the recurring billing settings are set, click the "Generate Interactions" button. Click the "OK" button on the validation message. Interactions are then generated.

On the defined dates, an invoice issuance interaction will be present in your daily calendar. All you have to do is confirm the invoice generation and send it to your customer.

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