Use and administration/customization of FEEDBACKS of Interactions

FEEDBACKS allow updating very quickly the evolution of an Interaction, without having to edit the Interaction.

Imagine that you are a sales representative or a delivery follow-up manager and that you have a hundred Interactions to process every day: in one click, you ensure an efficient follow-up.

Of course, the feedbacks are different depending on the type of Interaction: sale, purchase, support, etc..

To enable feedback management, go to the CRM Admin (top menu -> CRM Admin), then click on the "13. Parameters".
Select the "Enable feedback management" check box, then click the Save button.

Simple CRM offers you basic pre-formatted feedbacks. Your Simple CRM Administrator has of course the possibility to modify/delete these feedbacks and create new ones, better adapted to your company's business. To do this, the Administrator of your CRM software must go to: Top Menu -> CRM Admin -> 18. Feedback.

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