Voice recognition problems with Happy

Attention, the speech recognition system only works correctly on computer: not on mobile or tablet (however some users have told us that Happy works very well with the majority of mobile and Android tablets, but it is impossible for us to list all the models that may or may not be compatible, because it depends on the manufacturers).

Happy speech recognition is in BETA version. Given the many factors that allow speech recognition to work correctly or not (quality of your microphone, level of use of your CPU and RAM, noise interference, pronunciation, etc..), Simple CRM offers no guarantee on the proper operation of this service, which is why it is offered free of charge.

Happy may not hear what you say correctly.

Here's how to solve the problem.

Step 1: Do you use the right browser, did you allow the microphone and did you allow popups to open?
You must use CHROME : no other browser is compatible with Happy .

You must authorize the use of the microphone from the Happy window:

Then it allows you to open popups.

To do this, go to the Chrome settings:

At the bottom of the page, click Show Advanced Settings.

Under "Privacy", click Content Settings -> Pop-up Windows -> Manage Exceptions:

Finally, enter your Simple CRM login address, without the http://
and allow, then click OK:

Step 2: Isn't there too much noise around you?

Happy is like a human being; if there is too much noise, she will have trouble understanding you.

So please use it in a quiet place.

Step 3: Is your Internet connection fast?

For Happy to understand you, you need a quality Internet line.

Please test your line via this page:

Below a result of 10,000 kbps, you will encounter problems with Happy.

Step 4: Is your microphone of good quality?

To do so, please register. If the sound quality is poor, the microphone should be changed.


How to record a sound with Windows?
How do I record sound with Mac?

Step 5: Mac special bug

MacOS contains an important bug.

When your battery charge drops below a certain threshold, a battery management service pushes the processors to almost 100% usage.

The older your battery, the more often the problem will occur.

An immediate solution is to turn off your Mac computer, let it charge, then turn it on again and use Happy again (without turning it off or at least one restart, the problem may persist).

A basic solution is to replace your battery if it is at the end of its life. See information at:

Step 6: Mac special bug number 2
Some Macs encounter problems after OS updates, in terms of connection stability, especially via WIFI.

If the voice recognition problem persists, please connect via a network cable and not WIFI.

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