What are the Simple CRM shortcuts at the top right?

Simple CRM offers to generate Interactions for you, based on models that will automate the input of information.

For example, create the template : Sales / Apples / 1000 Kilos / YEARmonthJOURidCompany

and choose an option an Interaction of type "Sale - 1 - Making contact", state "In progress", with a budget of 1200 €.

Once you launch this template (PLUS icon at the top right of the screen), the Interaction title, type, status, and budget will be pre-encoded.

To help you understand this new feature, we have created a series of templates that you can adapt to your needs:

Create a Support Ticket
Create a Sales Opportunity
Register a Purchase Invoice
Register a Sales Invoice
Managing a purchase
Managing a delivery
Schedule a Sales Call
Schedule a Support Appointment
Planning a Contract Renewal
Miscellaneous administrative tasks
Accounting Task
Implementation Task / Project
HRD Task
Marketing Task

These templates are to be created and modified from the Administration area.

Video demonstration:

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