What is Project Management used for in Simple CRM?

What is Project Management for? Simply to better manage your work!

Managing Projects means managing time and risk of delays, managing budgets, and their balance.

Project management in this way will allow you to anticipate problems before they occur.

In case of delay in one of the steps of a Project, Simple CRM will re-plan for you all the sub-steps. You will thus have total control of your schedules, even in the event of problems, because you will know the real impact of these problems and will, therefore, be able to make the right decisions.

Time will be manageable via Interaction lists, Project Calendars, and Gantt charts.

In a Project, you can link the Project budget (administrative budget or tied sale), but also the purchases and production costs. Production costs will be calculated using a stopwatch integrated into the Interactions. When a user starts working on an Interaction assigned to him, he will start the stopwatch by clicking START and stop it by clicking STOP. On the basis of the employee's hourly cost (the average in France-Belgium being 28 Euro per hour), which your internal Simple CRM Administrator will have defined in the user's profile, the chronometer will automatically enter the cost of the service:

Thus, in a Project, you can immediately monitor your financial statements:

Of course, not all users will be able to see the financial statements. The Administrator of your Simple CRM will define who can or cannot see this information (by default, you will not be able to).

Attention that if the Administrator changes a profile, he must re-enter the password and the ICAL feed allowing the synchronization of the calendar on mobile phone or other will be modified. It will therefore be necessary to reconfigure the mobiles.

Another important innovation: Project makes data invisible to other users. Indeed, a Project that is not public cannot be seen by others. Similarly, there is a new type of user called "Project" users: they will see NOTHING Simple CRM except for Projects they have invited to work on, a perfect option for the management of external freelancers, trainees, etc..

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