What tags can be used for email templates and interactions?

Simple CRM saves significant time by automating the writing of interactions and emails.

Watch the demonstration video of the interaction models and the demonstration video of the email models.

In the Subject and Text of email and interaction templates, you can use the following tags :
{A} = Year
{M} = Month
{D} = Day
{S} = Related Company ID (you can then search the Company by ID via the search engine -> Search field "By ID")
{C} = Linked Contact Id (you can then search for the Contact by ID via the search engine ->"By ID" search field)
{I} = Interaction Id (allows you to number an interaction in a unique way)
{NAME} = Name of the Linked Contact
{PRN} = First name of the Linked Contact
{CIV} = Civility of the Linked Contact
{CONNT_ADR1} = Linked Contact Address
{CONNT_ADR2} = Additional address of the Linked Contact
{CONT_CP} = Linked Contact's Postal Code
{CONT_VILLE} = City of the Linked Contact
{COUNT_ COUNTRY} = Country of the Linked Contact
{CONT_TEL} = Contact's home phone number
MOBILE_CONT} = Personal mobile phone of the contact
CONT_EMAIL}= Personal email of the contact
CONNT_MOBILEPRO} = Professional mobile phone of the contact
CONT_TELPRO} = Business fixed telephone of the contact
CONT_EMAILPRO} = Professional contact email
{CONT_CUST1} to {CONT_CUST24} = Custom fields of the Linked Contact
{SOC} = Name of Related Company
SOC_ADR1} = Address of the related company
SOC_ADR2} = Additional address of the related company
SOC_CP} = Postal code of the related Company
{SOC_VILLE} = City of the related Company
Country {SOC_PAYS} = Country of the related Company
SOC_TEL1} = Telephone 1 of the company
SOC_TEL2} = Company Telephone 2
{SOC_EMAIL} = Company email
{SOC_CUST1} to {SOC_CUST24} = Related Company Custom Fields
{P} = Project ID related to the interaction
PROJ} = Name of the project related to the interaction
{PROJ_CUST1} to {PROJ_CUST24} = Custom fields of the linked project
DATE = Date of appointment
{ TIME} = Appointment time
{REMIND_EMAIL} = Your e-mail address
{RECALL_TEL} = Your phone
{REMINDER_NAME} = Your first and last name
TZ} = User and de facto time zone of the appointment

Example :

I will create an email template for writing specifications for a project. The SUBJECT of my model will be: Project / Specifications / {A}{M}{J}-S{S}C{C}

When an email is created, based on this template, the fields will be filled automatically.

The unique ID created by the tag concatenation: {A}{M}{J}-S{S}C{C} can be used as the reference ID for the specification identification.

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