Case study: call script management and prospect responses in a call center

This case study describes the implementation and management of a call campaign carried out by a call center, with Simple CRM.

Call scripts are set up using interaction models.
Once the call campaign is generated, the operators open each interaction, read the script and enter the prospects' answers.

1) Creation of interaction models
First, you must create an interaction model.
The subject of the interaction model describes in a few words the purpose of the prospecting.
In the "Note" field of the interaction, paste the call script.
Save the interaction pattern.

2) Creation of the prospecting campaign
Now create your prospecting campaign, using the interaction model you created in 1)
To create a prospecting campaign, please consult the prospecting campaign creation.

3) Read the call script and enter the prospect's answers
Once the campaign is generated by the manager, the remote operator connects to Simple CRM. It arrives directly on the Simple CRM Desktop, presenting the list of prospecting operations to perform.

For each prospecting interaction, the teleoperator :
opens the interaction
call the prospect on the phone (Simple CRM can dial the prospect's phone number for you)
reads the prospecting script
captures the prospect's response
modifies the state of the interaction according to the prospect's response: planning a prospect visit, brochure to send, quote to make,...
modifies the state of the interaction: "In progress" if a follow-up is to be given, "Completed" if the prospect is not interested.
records interaction

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