Customer case study: alarm installation and maintenance company and anti-intrusion systems

In this case of Simple CRM configuration study, data security is paramount.

Indeed, both commercial and technical information is confidential.

Therefore, each employee cannot have access:
only the customer records to which they can have access
that at their personal appointment
only a limited amount of information concerning customers

To illustrate our configuration, we will, therefore, imagine that there will be 3 users :
A Director General
A salesman
A technician

The Executive Director shall be an ADMINISTRATOR.

The commercial and the technician, because of the confidential nature of the data, will, of course, be users Projects.

As a reminder, the full explanation of user rights is available at

For each client there will be 4 families of information:
the customer's contact details
commercial information
technical information
the alarm unlock codes

The contact details of the customer can be found in the Company and/or Contact form. These record(s) can be created either by the general manager, or not by the sales representative, or by the technician.

Once the Company/Contact(s) form has been created, the general manager will create 3 non-public projects that he will appoint for example :
Company ID ID CONTACT / Company Name / Contact Name / Business File
Company ID ID CONTACT / Company Name / Contact Name / Technical File
Company ID ID CONTACT / Company Name / Contact Name / Alarm Codes

In the commercial file, the general manager will bind the commercial.

The general manager will bind the technician to the technical file.

To the project containing the alarm codes, it will not bind anyone because nobody can read the codes except the general manager.

In the commercial file, the commercial will create an Interaction, in which he will store quotes and order forms. It will not link this Interaction to the company/contact. Indeed, if it links this interaction to the company/contact, the documents will be visible from the company/contact file.

This poses no problem from a practical point of view, since in the list of its Interactions, the interaction is linked to the project. So to consult the customer's details, all the salesperson has to do is click on the name of the project to access the customer's details from the project:

The same technique is to be applied to the technical project, where an interaction not directly related to the company/contact will contain the technical documents.

Finally, the "Alarm Codes" project will simply contain the alarm codes written in the Project's memo field, this project being only accessible to the General Manager.

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