How to limit the types of interactions for certain users?

In your SME, tasks are divided among several employees.
The sales people take care of the sales, the accountant, the invoicing, the storekeeper, the shipments.

In Simple CRM, you can limit the access of certain users to the types of interactions that concern them:
sales staff should only have access to the 'Sale' type
the accounting officer, to the 'Administrative' type
the storekeeper, to the 'Delivery' type

For that:
go to the CRM Admin (top menu -> CRM Admin)
click on the "User list" tab
click on the user concerned
in the "Permitted interaction type" field, delete the unnecessary types for the user concerned

Enter the user's password twice and click "Save".

Remarks :

1) The "Email" type cannot be deleted because this type is essential for the proper functioning of the Simple CRM inbox.

2) If the user opens another user's interaction, he will have access to the types of user assigned to the interaction, only for that interaction.

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