How to setup and use Simple CRM in a recruitment agency?

Simple CRM will allow you to encode:
requests from your customers (companies)
your candidates, their professional backgrounds and CVs

To do this, you will first go to the Center of Interest module, which is symbolized by a pair of binoculars, in the top menu. This module will then allow you to perform queries. Example: If a company is looking for an accountant, simply launch the "accountant" query to see all available candidates in your Simple CRM database. Conversely, if you have an accounting candidate, you can generate a list of all companies looking for an accountant.

You will then create two Points of Interest:
Free (you will apply this Interest Center to an applicant who is not yet placed)
Research (you will apply this Centre of Interest to a company when it is in research)

Once you have created these two Centres of Interest, you will then encode the business profiles that you offer/manage: Accountant, Automotive Salesperson, Programmer Analyst, Textile Manager, etc.

When you are contacted by a company looking for a profile, enter the company's profile, then encode the related contact person and in the contact person's profile (if this company and this contact person are new customers, otherwise simply use the existing profile), tick the "Search" box, then the box corresponding to the required job profile.

Then, create your sales opportunity, via Interaction (Calendar in the top menu).

When you receive a candidate, enter his Contact Person profile and tick the "Free" Interests Centres, as well as his job profile. We advise you to read his CV and link it to all the companies in which he has worked. Thus, you will have a view on its complete history. Even more interesting, you can see if in your candidate stable, you have some who have been colleagues in the past! You will not need to open his CV, since the list of companies where he has worked will be visible in his Contact form, with the entry dates, the position held and the exit dates. Upload the CV via the Document entity (Hard disk in the top menu). Qualify it in CV and link it to the Contact person's file.

Then, you just have to cross the requests and the offers, thanks to the module of Center of Interest, as explained above.

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