How to store a quote and attach it to a customer?

1) Go to the Interaction module (top menu -> Interaction)

2) Click on the "Add interaction" button

3) In the interaction form :

  • in the Subject field, type for example "Sale / Boiler Deville D560M".
  • if your customer is a company, in the Company field, type the name of the customer company, if this company exists in your Simple CRM, select it, otherwise click on "Create".
  • in the Contact field, choose the relevant Contact in the company or, if it does not exist, click on "Create".
  • in the Status field, select "In progress". 
  • in the Type of interaction field, choose "Sale - 3 - Quotation".
  • click on the Add document button
  • a white block appears below the interaction, click on Add files, select the quote file and click on Start Upload
  • above the white block, click on Save

The quote is now stored in Simple CRM.

It is linked to the company and the customer contact.

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