How to synchronize your Google Contact account and your iPhone / Android mobile with Simple CRM?

Synchro SimpleCRM <-> Google <-> Mobile

The best is to first synchronize the mobile with the Google account, then synchronize Google with Simple CRM.

To do this, you must allow Simple CRM to communicate with Google Contact. Please read this explanation carefully:

1) Mobile synchronization configuration
Mobile and Android tablets
Settings -> Accounts and synchronization -> Add account
Choose the type of account "Google", enter the identifiers and choose to synchronize contacts.
Start a synchronization.

iPhone mobile / iPad tablets
Install and configure the Contacts Sync for Google Gmail with Auto Sync application
Synchronization starts automatically

2) On the Gmail account, in Contacts, create a "SimpleCRM" group (without quotes).
Put all the contacts you want to synchronize with SimpleCRM in this "SimpleCRM" group.
If some contacts do not have an email address, do not put them in the "SimpleCRM" group.

3) On the mobile, start a synchronization. The "SimpleCRM" group will be created on the mobile and the contacts of this group (step 2) will be put in the SimpleCRM group of the mobile.

4) Backup Google Account contacts

5) Google Synchro <-> SimpleCRM
On SimpleCRM, go to Contacts, and click on "Google Synchro".
Contacts in the Google Account "SimpleCRM" group will be sent to SimpleCRM and vice versa.

Then regularly it is necessary to follow:
Synchro SimpleCRM<->Google
Synchro Google<->Mobile

then again Synchro SimpleCRM<->Google

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