RGPD and web form management

RGPD 2018, or European Data Protection Regulation, is mandatory for all companies engaging with European citizens, under penalty of a fine of 4% of annual turnover. RGPD DEFINITION.

The European Data Protection Regulation is not limited to your RGPD CRM.

The RGPD policy is very broad: it integrates all the tools through which your contacts' data transit.

Therefore, you need to frame your forms on your websites.

The first thing to do is not force a checkbox that would require a subscription to your newsletter or permission to share data with business partners.

The second thing is to clearly specify your compliance with the PMSR under the form and to specify the procedure so that the contact can have a copy of his data and/or request its deletion.

The third thing is to eliminate coordinate storage from any non-RGPD platform. In other words, you should not store your contact information on your website. The most prudent is to connect this form directly to your Simple CRM. What's more, Simple CRM will keep track of the creation of the record, thus ensuring traceability of data respecting the RGPD.

Synchronization with web forms is an additional charge. Information on: 

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