Simple CRM automatically launches telephone calls (telephone exchange dialogue and Simple CRM)

Simple CRM can automatically initiate phone calls for you. This service is based
on protocols that allow dialogue between Simple CRM and your telephone exchange. Simple CRM online CRM software allows you to modify dialogue protocols with
your telephone equipment. Indeed, there are many of them and it is therefore necessary to
specify by which protocol you wish to transit. By default, Simple CRM offers two "standard" dialog systems with PBXs and VOIP
systems: the callto tag: and the sip tag:
Simple CRM offers two tags because some companies sometimes use a
telephone exchange and a second provider for, for example, international calls. You can thus choose by which call system you wish to transit, from the
ADMINISTRATION interface -> Settings tab. It is up to you, from the administration interface, to change the
default tags and replace them with one of the other existing protocols: callto: calltoSip: calltoTel: IM: sip: sips: skype: tel: xlite: zoiper: or any other protocol specific to your telephone configuration. To find out which protocol is compatible with your equipment, please contact your telephone provider. Your online CRM software can thus automatically dial telephone calls from all VOIP systems on the market and PBXs (Avaya, Siemens, Aastra, etc.).

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