Automatic search of the customer record when a telephone call is received

Functionality description
At the reception of the telephone call, your fixed telephone system (VOIP, SIP, PABX), will launch a request in Simple CRM, by means of a softphone installed on your computer.

Simple CRM will display the corresponding person(s). Indeed, if your customer's telephone system displays a general number, it can correspond to several people.

You can then immediately create an interaction linked to the person's record by clicking on a button.

If you do not have a VOIP phone line, Simple CRM can provide you with a complete VOIP solution. Information on:

Configuring your computer
For this to work, the web browser in which you use Simple CRM must be your computer's default web browser.

We advise you to use the free CHROME web browser. Chrome download link:

To make Chrome your default web browser, type in the address bar:

Then click the button to make Chrome your default web browser

Configuring the softphone
The configuration depends on your softphone.

You should therefore ask your telephone equipment supplier to help you if necessary or to install compatible software.

Here is the overall approach:
In the softphone, access the space to automate processing when receiving a call
Allow opening a URL to the call
Specify as opening url: YOUR-SOFTPHONE#searchresult

ZOIPER softphone configuration example
Go to preferences

Go to AUTOMATION and specify the url:{number}#searchresult

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