Failure at your Internet service provider: here is the technique to still access your Simple CRM

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may experience a temporary failure that makes access to your Simple CRM impossible.

This can happen, especially during large DDOS attacks (see here an article explaining how a good part of the USA has seen its Internet paralyzed). The technical problem is "simple": your ISP can no longer find the path to your Simple CRM server.

To solve this problem, simply connect to another provider, using a VPN tunnel.

To do this, install the free web browser OPERA, which offers a free integrated VPN tunnel service:

If your ISP fails, simply connect to Simple CRM via OPERA and activate the VPN:

Attention: this does not mean that OPERA must become your default web browser. We remind you that SIMPLE CRM is optimized for use with the CHROME browser.

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